When is the Best Time to Sell a Home in Texas?  

You might be scrolling through your phone thinking to yourself. “When is the best time to sell a home in Texas?” If that is the case, you have several items to consider. Here are some questions that are worth asking: 

How much should I sell my house for? 

Should I upgrade or repair my house for sale? 

Is it worth spending money on staging, photos, and curb appeal? 

When are buyers looking for houses? 

What are buyers looking for?  

Should I sell my house on the open market? 

What does working with a professional real estate investor look like?  

Let’s be real, everyone has an opinion on the perfect time to sell your house.  However, usually, it’s all based on their own experiences.  One of the things you should know is that the real estate market in Texas is constantly changing and shifting.  What worked before COVID may not work in this post-Covid world.  We believe it is important for the seller to get the right information so you can put yourself in a position to make the best possible decision.   

Is There Such a Thing as the Best Season to Sell?  

In the internet age, there is a lot of data available that can probably be deduced to figure out what season may be best for you.  Generally, Spring and Summer are considered by many professionals to be the best seasons to sell your home in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas.  We have heard from many sellers that they were told that April and May are ideal since people tend to be outside more, the weather is getting nicer, trees and greenery are coming back to life, and the school year is coming to an end.   

Please keep in mind that we were discussing Texas in this article.  Across The United States of America, Spring and Summer have different meanings.  The time period between April and August is a large gap, and we do not want anyone to make sweeping assumptions.  

Listen to Experts and Verify the Data 

It has been said that numbers do not lie, but they can sure tell a story.  Statistical Data, as an example, can provide solid answers.  We would encourage you to also consider whether your home fits those norms or perhaps it does not.  Every house and homeowner is unique.  There may be special circumstances that surround your home.  If your property does not fit the data set, it may be wise to not assume that your house automatically fits in that analysis.   

Real estate can change from one place to another because it shifts frequently.  As an example, what works in Plano may not work in Bartonville, and what works in Honey Grove may not work in Killeen.  We strongly suggest that you discuss your options with a professional real estate solutions company, like Whirlwind Homes, or real estate agents who have tenured experience.  Leveraging their knowledge and experience may benefit you.  

Is There a Specific Day That is Best to List My Home for Sale? 

When it comes to deciding when is the best time to sell a house in Texas, you may want to get specific on the day you choose to list the home for sale.  When looking to maximize your possibilities, consider the time frame, as well as the day of the week.   

As stated before, each local real estate market in Texas is different. The short answer is that it all depends.  Typically, a lot of experts may want to list the house for sale in Texas on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.  Since most home buyers do their house shopping on the weekend. Your home will be closer to the top of the list as they begin their home search. When selling a house in Texas, you may want your listing to be one of the homes among the freshest and newest ones that a home buyer sees first.

Being at the top of the list can be eye-catching to a house buyer which can lead to a home offer sooner rather than later.  When deciding the best time to sell a home in Texas, doing whatever you can to get noticed should be a winning strategy.  

Another item to consider is what you and your family need when selling a house in Texas.  All the real estate market data is fine and dandy, but a lot of times. Life is so much more than what you can see on a spreadsheet.  For example, if you have children in school, selling your home in Texas in the middle of the school year can upset them.  On the flip side, selling your house in Texas during the school break in the summer could be more pleasing to their needs.   

Typically, you may want to keep in mind that most real estate closings in Texas can take at least 30 to 60 days from the moment the contract is signed and the eventual closing date.  If you are trying to avoid unwanted stress during the school year, selling in the spring may be a valid option for you and your loved ones.  

Observe the Competition 

We have established that Spring and Summer are usually considered ideal for selling your home in Ft. Worth and surrounding areas, so it would be wise to keep an eye on your competition in the real estate market.  You want your listing to stand out so you can get as many people to see your listing as possible to put yourself in a position to beat your competition.  As an example, if you see that the vast majority of your competition is listing their homes for sale in May, then listing your home for sale in the Fall might be a better strategy.  Less competition could lead to more people seeing your home for sale in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex, which could lead to more money when you sell.   

What Does Local Job Growth Look Like? 

One item we find interesting that we think is worth keeping an eye on when trying to pinpoint the right time to sell your home in TX is how the local job market is performing.  If the local job market is strong, this usually means more people are moving to the area, looking for a place to live, and may be interested in buying a house. 

Be on the lookout for major corporations such as Apple or Tesla who are expanding their operations in Texas.  When a major employer comes to town, property values tend to rise.  If you can get good at spotting the trends. You will put yourself in a good position to understand when the best time is to sell your home in Texas.  

Sell Your Home As-Is 

It has been said it may be simple, but it is not easy.  Trying to time the market and figure out when exactly to sell your home in Texas can be a real hassle.  You can go through the checklist, cross everything off, do everything you know how to do, and still send up with a house you can’t sell.  Also, there could be some sort of underlying issue such as mold damage, termites, tax liens, etc., and these are causing you major headaches when trying to sell your house in Texas.   

If you find yourself in a position where you want real solutions to your real estate problems. Consider selling your house as-is to the professional real estate investor, Whirlwind Homes.  We will help you take all the guesswork out of timing the real estate market. 

Sometimes it leads to our company buying your home, and sometimes we can help find a different solution for you.  Either way, we work with you through all of it.  If you decide to sell your home in Texas to Whirlwind Homes.

You won’t have to make any of those costly repairs or wait for months for the sale to close.  We can make you a fair offer on your property and can close the deal in days if you choose.  That way, you will be able to move on to your next purchase and not have to worry about when the exact best time is to sell your home in TX.  When you consider all the options, the best time to sell a home is when you choose to sell.  

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